FromSoftware has released update 1.05 for its open-world epic Elden Ring, and players are happy because the best rune farms are still available.

From the game's launch until now, FromSoftware has been supporting Elden Ring with regular updates in action. There are more games after the update but the main purpose of the update is to reduce bugs and fix some balance issues. Elden Ring 1.05 It fixes intractable problems in the game. Don't worry it might change the best rune farming spot in the game.

For novice players, the best Elden Ring rune farming spot is Mohgwyn Palace at the Grace Palace approach Ledge-Road Site. This place has a bunch of enemies concentrated in one place, which makes it easy for players to quickly eliminate enemies and farm them when they need to use runes to improve themselves. To create an area more suitable for rune farming, Elden Ring players can also shoot at bird-like enemies that are on the opposite side of the canyon, and shooting at them can entice it to run off a cliff and die.

Using these methods, Elden Ring players can often generate 5 million runes in an hour, which gives them a huge advantage and benefit in leveling up their gear and skills. It's also because it's so easy to get simple runes from this location, which also led some players to want FromSoftware to be able to change it through one of the updates, and then to reduce the number of runes obtained, and finally the bird enemies won't run anymore Fall off the edge of the cliff.

But FromSoftware doesn't want to change the idea of ​​the best Elden Ring rune farming spot, as this rune farming spot will continue to be useful after the 1.05 update. Elden Ring players who want to rune farming need only go to Grace's Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site and stay away from the farm. I hope Elden Ring players keep in mind that although it hasn't been changed right now, maybe it will be nerfed or changed in a future update.

The Elden Ring 1.05 update doesn't change the best rune farming spots, but it does reduce the way players can kill certain bosses. Before Update 1.05, Elden Ring players could also find some way to defeat the boss before going to the Mist Gate. This apparently allows players to cheat and defeat bosses when there is no combat, but it's been addressed in the latest game now. Now Elden Ring Runes players must duel the bosses head on, or find other ways to defeat them.

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