If you love MMO and have been looking for something a little different, Lost Ark might be the game you should look at. The South Korea-based MMO has been touring online for the past year before finally getting a Western release. If this piques your interest, then stay tuned to Lost Ark. Keep in mind that it’s also free to play, so don’t worry about putting a lot of money into it until people know they like it. They’ll just have to Buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM ahead of time.

Lost Ark has been available in Korea, but that’s not shocking considering it took a while for the game to localize. That’s double for an MMO with so much text. Fortunately, we now know that the game will be available on February 11, 2022. However, if you’ve already bought Lost Ark Founder’s Pack, you can get 3 days early access to the game on February 8th. It’s a nice bonus for those who support the game, but if you care enough, you’d better try to avoid spoilers.

Recently, most MMO releases were just copies of World of WarCraft, but now there’s more variety. Lost Ark has an isometric view and uses the mouse to control movement instead of WASD, like most traditional PC MMOs. Even better, the game has a very clear fighting style and a unique system, which means all characters you create can benefit from stat bonuses and extra Lost Ark Gold.

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